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Who Was St. Jude?
Learn about St. Jude and explore a collection of prayers and hymns.
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Lenten Mission 2024
Join us at 7pm March 11-15!
International Night
Come to the Holy Name Society's International Night on April 20!
Embracing Hope and Redemption
As we approach the 4th Sunday of Lent, the readings unveil a message of hope and restoration.
Announcements, Week of March 10
Lucky Dip Holiday Lottery is on-going. See GiGi for your tickets.  Stations of the Cross: Every Friday  after  8:10 a.m. Mass...
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Biblical Worldview

Word of the Year
This episode continues our annual tradition of sharing our Word of the Year! Each year, we ask God to give us a theme to focus...

Hearing God's Voice

How The Holy Spirit Has Radically Changed My Life
Before Alpha, my life was quite painful. I have suffered with depression and anxiety, and I have lived with an eating disorder....

Faith in Culture

5 Proverbs to Make You a Better Employee
The book of Proverbs may have been written centuries ago for an agrarian Middle Eastern society, but its wisdom isn’t bound by...

Hearing God's Voice

Prayer, Just Like Exercise, Takes Discipline
A few years ago, I moved to a new city to begin a new job. While I welcomed the change of pace, I also found myself a bit...

Hearing God's Voice

How to Keep Praying When it’s Hard (St. Catherine of Siena)
Prayer can get difficult. It's hard to maintain attention. Sometimes our prayer feels "dry". We don't know what to say. We...

Identity & Purpose

How I Dealt with Imposter Syndrome in My Faith Life
A few times every year, I go through my social media platforms, removing various accounts and people I follow if I decide they...

Fulfilling Desires

The Word of the Year You Need in 2024
If you don't already have a "word of the year" for 2024 (or if you're open to a second one), Fr. Mark-Mary has one for you:...

Hearing God's Voice

When God Doesn't Answer Your Prayers
If it feels like God isn't answering your prayers, that can be disheartening. But it can also be devastating. Today, Fr....

Hearing God's Voice

Praying for Patience: What I’ve Learned from God’s Time vs. My Own
Patience. None of us have as much as we need.  We all need it. The lead singer of Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose, even sang about it....

Fulfilling Desires

Jelani's Story of Freedom
I wasn’t living my faith how I knew I should be living my faith. I first heard about Exodus from a really good friend and an...

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